Tactile Performance

Reflector Protector

This work was inspired by my time as a Succurro fellow. During that time, movement work re-entered my creative practice. I also did a lot of healing work surrounding the act of projection to deepen my understanding of the large role that projecting plays in human relationships. 

During this time I worked to return to a state of living guided by intuition - to an inner knowing that isn’t cloaked by layers of guilt and shame - to a place of joy that exudes kindness for myself and others. 

Reflector Projector was a surprise performance meant to celebrate the part of us that shines. This work was about the acceptance required to allow oneself to see and be seen. 

I turn myself inside out
I want to see the inside of me
I have to materialize it to take it seriously 
Is that a me thing?
Or a we thing?
Or the nature of this society thing?

I am physical I make things
I wear that material
Together we dance
First we find order
Then we find balance
Harmony is the hardest - My pattern is to not trust it

I project 
I reject
I reflect
I hope, I fear

But then I work
One step forward, one step back
One step forward
What is ready to be transformed