Phantom Gown was created as follow up piece to Mourning Wore Her. Phantom Gown addresses the layers of emotions that exist after an initial mourning period or time of trauma. The feelings may be faint to the feeler, or their community, but they are there and layered. Our energy gets tangled in them, sometimes creating a boundary or barrier between the feeler and the world surrounding them. The layers of fabric and handspun yarn in Phantom Gown exist to simulate the feeling of built up emotions. If they aren’t flowing through the body, they are all encompassing.

The video component of this work aims to address the notion that time, in regards to healing, is not linear. While we measure time on a linear calendar, our processing is layered and moves back and forth at different speeds. Visualizing this concept, and understanding the inherent human qualities at play, may help us find space for our own unique and individual processes.