100 Daysand Train Spinning brought forth insight that I needed to bring my body and physical activity back into my work and research. I had trained as a dancer from age 5-17, but at this point in my life felt completely detached from my body. When I left dance, I unfortunately buried that part of me. I decided to start practicing yoga. It wasn’t easy at first to feel comfortable in a studio, but I was dedicated to waking my body back up. I didn’t realize at the time how much my body would communicate with my mind in this practice, but eventually the insights came.

The structure for Notes on Yoga was simply to go to class and allow the teacher to guide me. As this began to become a regular practice, the body movement began to bring forth insight through my mind. After class I would notate these insights. Notes on Yoga is a combination of these notations and illustrations of the insight that arrived. The entirety of this process is a practice that strengthens the relationship between eye, mind, hand, and body. Each piece deepened the understanding of the information that originated in the yoga practice. 

This series began about a year before I created Channeling Palms.