These works are about the dance between creative work and life. They are inspired by the “gallery wall” style that so many people use to display family photos in their homes. Through creative process, curation, and display, each composition is a discussion about how everything we do with our eyes, minds, and bodies influences our personal composition at large. Our current relationship to technology allows for constant communication and wealth of information. Technological interaction is at a high, causing physical interaction to be thought of as less necessary. Is this physical distance allowing for illusions of reality? Does this unnatural interaction create a synthetic mind? In contemplating the risks of our tech heavy experience, I use tactile materials to create a layered dialogue between creative practice and human existence. Within each composition, I explore how multiple modes of representation may give the viewer a different understanding of reality. These works question how societal constructs affect the way we choose to represent ourselves and how that representation itself affects the authenticity of our experience.