100 Days is the first of a series of personal mapping projects. These projects are case studies for developing methods that facilitate self awareness and structures that counteract avoidance of truths. A mapping project begins when I identify an area that could use attention. The physical representation of the project aids in the process of self realization. The work (both the process and the outcome) becomes the mirror and once the reflection is seen change begins to occur. 

For 100 Days the awareness that I needed to research and understand was my self deprecating nature. To do this, I began to document my most negative thought about myself each day and a positive counter thought for 100 Days. Each day I took a picture of myself. At this time I was finding it increasingly difficult to look at myself. The act of writing my negative thoughts on top of my image and flipping my image over to write a positive thought was transformative. You can view and experience this work from many perspectives. From one side, you see my self deprecating perspective with its counterpart backwards. From the other side you see the reverse. This is a reminder that perspective is a choice and that we have agency over our belief systems.