My practice is a multidisciplinary research practice studying how experiences in the material world can be a portal to our understanding of the immaterial world. While working, I balance intuition with analytical thinking to uncover and learn from visual, tactile, experiential, and theoretical metaphors. My philosophy in this work is to learn to balance dualities such as intuition and analysis, work and play, and structure and flow, so that two elements that may be thought to exist in tension can begin to be perceived, and utilized, as a harmonious relationship.

My research has led me to believe that my priority lies in developing creative practice methods that facilitate a deeper knowing of oneself and their environment. It is in many ways a process of de-conditioning an individual from the constructs that have been picked up over time that do not serve that person, while also reconnecting with the learning and structures that do. My creative practice serves to do this for my own individual needs and creative being and my hope is that the output touches universal truths that may be of interest to, or inspiration, for others. I share my work so that people can gain a tangible understanding of this process. I collaborate with individuals and communities to assist in helping others find their flow within these structures. The goal of this work is to change ones’ perception on their creative practice so that they can access their authentic creative self. If we can achieve this, we are closer to our full potential of healthy body and mind. What we may not be able to understand through thinking we can discover as we strengthen our connections between our mind, body, and eyes.

and Exhibitions
Reflector Protector (2019)
Succurro, East Merideth, NY
Channeling Palms (2019)
Succurro, East Merideth, NY
Nomadic Lace (2016)
97 Crosby, New York, NY

Dear Diary (2019-2020)
LIC Arts, Long Island City, NY
Lace, Not Lace (2018)
Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ
Textile Thinking (2018)
Textile Art Center, Brooklyn, NY
Magic Hour x Medium Rare (2018)
Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY
Connecting Threads (2017)
City Point, Brooklyn, NY
Spring Break Art Fair (2017)
4 Times Square, New York, NY
Pattern Recognition (2017)
Woskob Family Gallery, State College, PA
FRAY (2016)
Gowanus Loft, New York, NY
Worth (2016)
The Good Goods Market, Interface NY
Opening Event (2011)
Yotel Hotel, New York, NY
Emerging Artists Exhibition (2010)
Gallery Bar, New York, NY
Large Scale Drawing Exhibition (2009)
Gallery 5, Boston, MA
Awards, Residencies
and Acknowledgements
Succurro Fellowship
(Summer 2018—Present)
Resident Fellow, East Meredith, NY  
Magic Hour Camp
(Spring 2017 —Present)
Resident Artist, Black Rock City, NV
Landscape of Care at Slow Research Lab
(January 2019)
Resident Artist, Tiznit, Morroco
The Brooklyn Lace Guild
(Fall 2015—Fall 2018)
Founding Member, Brooklyn, NY
(Sept 2017—Dec 2017)
Artist Residency, Brooklyn, NY
Textile Arts Center
(Sept 2015—June 2016)
Artist Residency, Brooklyn, NY
Carnegie Fabrics
(May 2015)
Wallcovering Award, New York, NY
Sensorial Thresholds
Publication, Pratt
Susie Magazine
Institutional Instructor
Pratt Institute
(Aug 2017—Present)
Visiting Assistant Professor: School of Design
Courses: Sophomore Undergraduate Design Studio
Representation and Analysis
Parsons SIS
(June 2018—Present)
Adjunct Professor: School of Design
Village Community School
(January 2016—June 2018)
Visual Arts Teacher: Lower School
Pratt Institute SCPS
(Aug 2016—Dec 2016 )
Visiting Professor: School of Design
Course: Patterns By Design
Visiting Artist,
Lecturer and Critic
IDEC Southwest Conference
(Fall 2018)
Little Rock, AR
(Spring 2018)
New York, NY
(Spring 2015, Spring 2018)
 New York, NY
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
(Spring 2016)
New York, NY
Parsons AIS
(Spring 2015)
New York, NY
Textile Arts Center
(Fall 2015—2017)
Brooklyn, NY
(Fall 2014—Present)
Brooklyn, NY
Interior Design Working Group, 2020
Pratt Interior Design

Student Work Assessment, 2019
Pratt Integrative Courses
Bibliography and
Susie Magazine, 2017
iiijournal, v. 5: adaptive interventions, 2016
W Magazine, 2016
M.PATMOS Lookbook, 2016
New York Textile Month Magazine, 2016
Sensorial Thresholds, Pratt, 2015
Professional Practice
Alex Goldberg Studio
(August 2014—Present)
Artist, New York, NY  
Dana Barnes Studio
(April 2014 —Aug 2014)
Junior Designer, New York, NY
Village Community School
(Aug 2009—Jun 2012)
Assistant to the Diisions, New York, NY
Art Observed
(June 2010—July 2011)
Writer and Editor, New York, NY
The Royal Academy of Arts
(January 2008—May 2008)
Exhibition Assistant, London, UK
Pratt Institute
MS: Interior Design, 2015
Parsons School of Design
Summer Intensive in Constructed Environments, 2011
Boston University
BA: Art History, 2009
Maryland Institute College of Art
Summer Intensive in Painting and Drawing, 2005